HBN Photo hides

As a nature photographer you dream to have an own private hide. Unfortunately, this is in a Country as The Netherlands almost impossible regarding permissions. But such a hide place is also a time eating job because of the many visits it needs with feeding etc. Han Bouwmeester was the first one in Holland and Belgium who was able to start with creating hides which could be rented by photographers.

In corporation with national Nature protection organisation and Land owners we were able to setup hides in highly protected estates. We are situated in the Eastern part of Holland near the German border.

All the hides are situated in the way photographers would wish. So always giving you a nice low angle of view and good distance between lens and birds. The hides are all quitte luxueus so you are able to have a comfortabele stay.

Normally you can expect the whole day bird for and around the hide. In Winter they come especially for the food and in the dryer season for the water to drink and bathing.
For each hide we tried to give you something different in setting, light and species. We made a separate page for each hide and with the calendar you are able to see when you can use them.

Information hide by hide:

HBN Hide 1xl


HBN Hide 2


HBN Hide 3

HBN Hide 4

HBN Hide 5

HBN Hide 6

HBN Hide 7

HBN Hide 8 (New!!)


HBN Hide 9 (new!!)

HBN Hide 10 (comming soon)

HBN The Gambia Hide




Renting a HBN hide:

The HBN hides are available for using whole days; we are not working with half day renting but of course you can make your own decision how long you want to stay. The only limit is ending one hour before sunset. We are also not putting people together from our side so you make your own choices who will be your hide partner(s) that day.
A nice Video production made by Marien Brethouwer and Ivo van Meurs. De HBN Hides in Bird flight.



As soon you book we will send you also information about places where you can overnight. We made appointments (regarding your early starts and packed lunches) with two HBN-Partners for this who have possibilities in the hide areas.


Benro systems:

We have a corporation with our Partner Benro. In hide 1, 4, 5 and 6 we installed their Slider rails and/or GH-2 Gimbal head witch you can use for free that day.



We use the highly quality bird food and nest boxes from our Partner Vivara. Have a look on their website for all of the products!


Mirror glass:

In some of the hides we use the only best high quality mirror glass. We only want to do this in a save way because we don’t want to have the risk of accidents with the birds hitting the windows. So we use a special and unique protection to do this.


We have a costumer Forum were HBN hide costumers are able to share their results. In that way also interesting and back coming photographers are able to see that actual situation from each hide. Of course we would like to ask all photographers also to put their results here. You will find it on www.hbnforum.nl