HBN Hide 3

The most popular hide from Europe is at The Lemelerberg!


In the fantastic Nature Estate ‘The Lemelerberg’ in the neighbourhood from the village Ommen, we have a great hide in corporation with Landschap Overijssel. We make it possible for you to visit the hide in this highly protected area without disturbing the wildlife. The hide is situated in heathland without any natural water in the neighbourhood; so many birds come here to drink from our pool.

You can expect birds like Red crossbill, hawfinch, almost all kinds of tits like Crested tit, Yellow hammer, woodpeckers, birds of prey, etc.… In spring and summer we have days up to 30 species!

Bird will show u between 2 and 7 meters from your lens and we are not using mirror glass in this hide.

HBN-Benro slider system

In this hide you can use the Slider and Gimbal system from HBN-Benro so you don’t realy need to take your own tripod.


We work with two seasons:

Season 1:
1 April – 31 Oktober
€ 95 euro

Season 2:
1 November – 31 March
€ 75 euro

The Price is per Day for maximal 3 photographers. We are not working with half day bookings and we will not join photographers from our side. So you make your own decisions witch who you want to go. You are free to know on what time you want to start and are allowed to use the hide until one hour before sunset.



In this hide we don’t use one-way glass.


If you come from far it’s handy to have a place to overnight. After the booking you will receive information about a Hotel in the neighbourhood. We made some appointments with them about your early start and Packet lunch.


Also in Wintertime we don’t use a heater in this hide because of safety reasons for the heathland were the hide is situated.

Bird food from Vivara:

We use the top quality bird food from Vivara.nl.



Name: HBN Hide 3
Location: Lemelerberg – Lemele – Netherlands
Persons: Max. 3
Minimal lens: 300 mm
Price: 90 euro (for max. 3 persons)

What matters:
Big amount of bird species.
Early booking needed.
HBN-Benro slider and Gimbal system in the hide
HBN beanbags in the hide.
No heater.
5 minutes’ drive from Camping Lemeler Esch.
45 minutes’ drive from Hotel in Delden.
No mirror glass
Alternative is HBN Hide 7 in the same estate.

Naam: HBN Fotohut 3
Locatie: Lemelerberg - Lemele
Aantal personen: Maximaal 3
Minimaal bereik: 300 mm
Kosten: 75 of 95 euro afhankelijk van seizoen (ongeacht aantal personen)


Large variation of birds
Early booking
Alternative hide is HBN -7
No mirrorglas
45 Minutes ‘ drive from hotel Delden
10 Minutes walk to the hide
No heater in Winter