HBN Pro hide

We already know the diverse products from the HBN product line like the popular camouflage cloths and now we present also an own hide. We dare to claim that this hide will meet the expectations of many Wildlife photographers who couldn’t find their product of choice in the current products. The one hide is too small, the other too large; the HBN-Pro-hide is a quality midway for a fair price.


As Wildlife photographer you end up in many different situations which each time asking for a different approach. For unexpected observations which take little time a camouflage cloth is the most usual solution. Because of its light weight and compactness it can be taken with you easily during your photo trips. In situations wherein you have a targeted goal and you plan to sit longer a tent is the ideal solution.


The HBN-pro-hide is waterproof, not too small and not too large and offers you all the space to place a good chair, your tripod and other photo materials.It’s set up within a short time thanks to its handy self-folding system. The tent is delivered in a handy bag which you can carry as a backpack or tie on your photo bag. It’s provided with a waterproof roof and we also deliver an extra roof in case more rain is going to fall.


Beside the spacious entrance it has large photo-openings at its three sides so you can see and photograph all around you. The openings are made large knowingly so that you can choose between a photo height of 80 up to 175 centimeters.   The lens windows you don’t use can be covered with the tent fabric which you fasten with magnets so you don’t make any noise like when you use velcro.

The surface area of the tent also provides enough space for photographers with even the largest lenses. Until now they were forced to stick out their lenses far outwards to be able to sit behind the camera. If you know how important it is to keep your lens as much as possible inside you also know what great advantage the extra space for very large lenses this HBN-hide offers. Its height also gives you the opportunity to stretch your back

In short, with this HBN-hide we offer the ideal mix of space and effectivity which can only result in beautiful photo results.


Dimensions in the bag: 60 cm round
Dimensions floor: 120 x 120 cm
Height: 140 cm
Weight:3.8 kilo
Including:  carying bag, tent pins

€ 239,00

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