HBN short trousers beanbag II

This beanbag is similar with our short trousers beanbag I but is made with a nice and smooth suède cover on top. This will give your lens even more stability and makes it more easy to move your lens on the beanbag.


The name tells it all; this beanbag is the same as our Long trousers beanbag but with shorter legs. That makes him less heavy and suitable for quite long lenses.
The inside has an anti-slip material for a more stable location on the window or window-frame of your car.

Two extra straps can be used to carry the bag. This model is also useful for shooting at ground level particularly because you can use it in reverse position.


Dimensions: ca. 27 x 23 cm

€ 39,95

Because of the increased volume we recommend to fill this bag with a rather light type of filling like buckwheat-flakes, bird seed or a similar material.

Note: We also have the model I without the suede cover.

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