HBN-Eckla transport trolley

U kent het probleem ongetwijfeld. Je hebt inmiddels mooie en vele cameraspullen die helaas allemaal nogal zwaar in gewicht zijn. De hele dag lopen met een zware fototas op je rug is ook niet alles en vele mooie natuurgebieden zijn niet anders dan na een flinke wandeling bereikbaar.



You might know the problem of having a lot of expensive camera equipment which seems to grow heavier along the day. Sometimes visiting a beautiful area requires a very long walk in the fields. Carrying a heavy photo bag for a long time on your back isn’t always the ultimate experience of wildlife photography.


Many photographers use our Beach Rolly. It’s made of light but strong aluminum and canvas fabric and has two sturdy tires. The significant width creates enough space for all your photo equipment. It makes a day in the field a lot more comfortable because it also provides a seat for the much-needed rest time during your photo shoot. The Beach Rolly is a very handy attribute indeed. 


The Beach Rolly has a loading width of 50 cm and an overall width of 85 cm. It is foldable and therefore it’s easy to transport it by car.

Load capacity: 70 kg 
Seat load capacity: 120 kg

Optional: a Cargo-net , a tripod backet and a rain cover is available.

Detail Multi Halter

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