HBN camouflage net II

Some camouflage nets with an open structure tend to stick behind obstacles and are made of a hardening type of plastic. We now offering a product without these disadvantages; the Han Bouwmeester camouflage net. 
The structure of the net consists out of two layers. The first layer is of a black fishnet-type of fabric and on top of that this a soft 3d-leaves-pattern. The black background ensures that your face remains hidden. This net is ideal between trees or shrubs or to cover yourself quickly. Its fine structure minimizes the chance that is sticks to your tripod, lens or camera. You can make a hole in the net, for your lens, on a place that suits you..



Our net comes in a convenient carrying bag 
Dimensions 150 x 400 cm. Weight 900 grams

Dimensions 150 x 600 cm. 900 gram

€ 64,95

We also have a smaller version from 150 x 400 cm.

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