HBN camouflage cloth cotton I

The serious wildlife photographer takes a lot of time shooting his images. Sometimes a shelter tent is used. Unfortunately, such a tent often is difficult to carry around, unhandy to fold-in again and can be expensive. Han Bouwmeester’s Nature photography has created a solution; the Han Bouwmeester camouflage cloth. It has a camouflage print that will blend you into the background almost completely. While relocating, no fumbling around with tent poles or something like that but flexibility, convenience and speed. Kameleon_HBO9134-533

This camouflage cloth has an opening for your lens with a long pipe and a great viewing possibility for a good sight around your location. You can observe the animals but they can’t see you. It comes in a convenient carrying bag.

Prints can change something depending on available fabrics.


This is the cotton/polyester version with a weight of about 1300 grams.

€ 85,00

Please look in the webshop for other types.

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