HBN Hide 6

Something completely different…


Hide 6 is our water hide; something completely different. We built this hide on the banks from a big lake what was made for sand exploitation. We got the rare possibility to create a grand new nature area around a water resistant hide. U extensive investment in money, time and energy but a proud and exiting feeling. We started this with the help from the company owner and the local government.


We started on zero with only a big and deep lake. To create shallow water what is interested for bird we brought in more than 500 m3 sand. In the Winter from 2015 another stage started with millions of sand to make also the lake a big more from the hide shallow. At the end water flowers will grow and many birds like waders will start to feed and rest in front of the hide. Because of the work in the second lake the water level in ‘our’ lake will change day by day so the one day we will see more islands than the other day.


On a place like this we can expect all kinds of water birds and even next to the hide also forest birds.

Because it’s a completely different way of working as the forest hides we can expect birds close, but also more far from the hide. Of course we do our best to attract them as close as possible from your lens but that’s not always possible. So big lenses are always good here. Many photographers call this hide the ‘Kingfisher hide’ because these colourful birds show up almost every day close from the hide.



We work with two seasons:

Season 1:
1 April – 31 October
€ 75 euro

Season 2:
1 November – 31 March
€ 50 euro

Per day for maximal 3 photographers. We are not working with half day bookings and we will not join photographers from our side. So you make your own decisions witch who you want to go. You are free to know on what time you want to start and are allowed to use the hide until one hour before Sunsed.

Mirror glass:

In this hide we use high quality mirror glass.


In Wintertime you can use a heater for a extra payment from € 5,-.

Bird food from Vivara:

We use the top quality bird food from Vivara.nl.


If you come from far it’s handy to have a place to overnight. After the booking you will receive information about a Hotel and camping in the neighbourhood. We made some appointments with them about your early start and Packet lunch.

Name: HBN Hide 6
Locaton: Hof van Twente – Markelo – Netherlands.
Amount of people: Max. 2
Minimal lens: 400 mm

What matters:
Mirror glass.
Bring your own tripod
20 minutes drive from hotel in Delden
Heater in Wintertime..

Naam: HBN Fotohut 6
Locatie: Hof van Twente - Markelo
Aantal personen: Maximaal 2
Minimaal bereik: 300 mm
Kosten: 50 of 75 euro afhankelijk van seizoen (ongeacht aantal personen)


Watervogels waaronder ijsvogels, spiegelglas
20 minuten rijafstand vanaf hotel Delden